Phosphatidylcholine 10ml Vial


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Phosphatidylcholine 10ml Vial

Phosphatidylcholine 10ml Vial- 250mg with Deoxycholate

For professional and experienced training in mesotherapy only.

Administration: Transdermal with virtual mesotherapy (electroporation, iontoforesis) or with superficial subcutaneous micro injections or with Derma Roller. Administering superficial subcutaneous micro injections, or by traditional mesotherapy method, methods used depends on the legislation of each country and has to be performed by medically trained staff.

Phosphatidycholine :

Phosphatidylcholine is a Lipolytic Solution.  Naturally abundant in cell membranes, phosphatidylcholine breaks down the fat stored in fat cells (adipocytes).  Phosphatidylcholine Lipolytic Solution emulsifies the fat, allowing it to be absorbed into the bloodstream and transported. This makes it the ideal solution for eliminating unattractive, localizedlocalized adiposities. (10ml Vial)

Polyunsaturated Phosphatidylcholine is a liquid form of lecithin, which is an enzyme naturally produced in our body.

It is the major component of all cell membranes and the lipoproteins that circulate in the blood. It plays an important role in intra and extra cellular metabolic transpor.

Phosphatidylcholine facilitates the emulsification of fat into the tiniest particles, enabling the absorption and transportation of fat. After administration, phosphatidylcholine induces an enzymatic reaction, which leads to the dissolution of fat by producing an emulsion of nanosized monoglycerides that is transported into the liver and metabolized by beta-oxidation.

Lipolysis is not a replacement for plastic surgery but a very effective therapy to reduce smaller fat areas. Contains sodium deoxycho- late.

Phosphatidylcholine 10ml Vial

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10 Vials x 10ml

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